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Commercial and Retail

Have you finally decided to renovate the walk-in version of your business? Or let’s say, you ARE ready to expose your brand to a new stage of business. No matter what inspired you to take the leap, The Renovation Centre, specialising in remodelling retail spaces as well as grocery stores and industrial warehouses can help you achieve your goals. Our designers and engineers have jazzed up the appearance of many retail outlets and commercial units, including flexes, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, hotels, lodges, restaurants, malls, shopping centres etc, thereby paving the way for them to reap the benefits of an improved commercial ambience.

Many believe Autumn is the ideal season to go forward with retail outlet and commercial space renovation so that it’s ready for the crazy shopping season or the busiest time of the year. However, we think there is no perfect time when the competition is intense and the purpose is to dominate the market with a fresh look rendered to an otherwise stale-looking business premise. Therefore, we encourage all businesses to take a step ahead and modernise their workplace with no hesitation.

Commercial remodelling is more than just a visual appeal, agree? The wisdom lies in utilising the existing space to the best of its capacity and the only way to achieve the twin goals of luring in customers and maximising the space is through renovation. We can be your architect, design consultant, interior designer and engineer in order to transform and update your commercial spaces. Our specialisation includes not only timely completion, but also the maintenance of all the safety protocols that are standard in the construction industry.

Don’t worry about noise or dust interfering with a great customer experience because we make sure to lower the impact as much as possible! Therefore, you may keep your business running or stores open while the work is still in progress. Our team shall leave no stone unturned to maintain safety and cleanliness for the sake of staff and employee comfort.

Besides from the assigned job, we proactively detect vulnerable spots, requiring urgent remodelling and offer to provide cost-effective design solutions that would tick both beauty and functionality on your checklist. Going the extra mile has always been our practice in every renovation work that we undertake. Yours shall be no exception! By now, we have completed over 3000 commercial and retail renovations throughout Ireland, all adding and enriching our portfolio. So, you can completely rely on our team for the job because we believe, we are the best fit for the stated responsibility.

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