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Home Renovations

Renovation Centre offers bespoke Home Renovation solutions where we cover end-to-end processes starting from Quantity Surveying, Architectural Design, Structural Planning and Construction, all the way to the decoration of your space, just the way you dreamt of.

We have the right kind of people who are experts in making sure that your wishes and your budget are perfectly synced with each other and reachable, as well as meeting the Irish Building Code.

From tiny studio apartments, cosy cottages to spacious family homes and farmhouses – there is no such space that is too big or too small for us to work out a befitting makeover. Go for a full house demolition process or add small changes like a Bathroom Renovation, Kitchen Remodelling or knock down a wall to open up your living space. We relate to your needs, and know how to fulfil each one of them!

Old House Renovation-Conserving heritage with modern securities. Whether you are looking to buy an old property and renovate it to enjoy its heritage value, or wish to restore your family home back to its former glory, we specialise in restorative works, keeping maximum original features intact, staircase refurbishment, surveying and planning to gain structural stability, prevent further decay and take care of statutory consent.

Old Cottage Renovations– Give small, modest, old cottages a makeover with custom-built features. Restore old-world charm with traditional elements, wall cladding, exterior upgrades, maximising interior space, or indulging in luxurious custom kitchens or bathrooms. We have plenty of ideas to accommodate your unique wishes!

Farmhouse Renovations– We pride ourselves in upgrading rustic homesteads with contemporary comforts. Phase by phase renovation for every corner of your farmhouse. Remove or restore old wooden floors, convert barns into a living space, refurbish stone walls, improve waterproofing, upgrade roofing, install new doors and windows. Take the time, and make the change.

Conversions & Extension– When you need more space, we provide the best plans. We offer services for all of the following: Convert a dead corner into the best area of the house, knock down a wall to maximise space, attic conversions, garden room extensions, single-story and double-storey house extensions, side return and rare extensions.

Kitchen Renovations– Renovate the heart of the house, ‘til your heart’s content. Kitchens often make up the most vital element in a house renovation project. You need form, function, utility and aesthetics in a colliding way. So let us offer you better floor plans, countertop replacement, modular kitchen setups, new fixtures, improved plumbing and lots more.

Bathroom Renovations– Not just a better bathroom, but the best one! From essential waterproofing, changing the location of plumbing fixtures to renovating bathroom flooring and walls, or add a new shower cubicle. No looking back from getting a perfect rejuvenation corner.

Roof Renovations– Professional and holistic roof repairs, the ultimate defence system for your home. Get roof inspections, complete roof replacement, storm damage repair, gutter replacements and much more.

Have A Holistic House Renovation, Cost Planning And Consultation With Our Quantity Surveyors

The basic element of every home renovation project is COST! So get started with confidence with the help of our experienced quantity surveyors, and get down to better budget planning. A complete value for money!

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