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Roof Renovations

“A roof over your head and food on the table”, is what people feel grateful for, every day. Now, imagine the same roof showing signs of damage like recurring leakage and cracks on roof tiles with water stains appearing on them. What was once intended to safeguard you and your family along with your belongings from outdoor elements, is itself at risk. Do you think it’s something you can avoid for long? Not really! That’s why The Renovation Centre, working with its team of expert roofing contractors are at your service!

If you are planning a roof renovation anywhere in Ireland, feel free to contact us! We specialise in this field and with our extensive roofing knowledge, outstanding craftsmanship, sterling reputation, attention to detail and swift response time, you can rest assured of a job done to your satisfaction.

For your property to last a lifetime, roofing and renovation are crucial. Notice shrinkage or blistering of membrane? Realised a poorly installed flashing? Spotted a missing tile/ slate? Leakage within the loft? It’s time to seek help and address the roofing issues before they go out of control, no matter how trivial they might seem!

Give us a call or drop us a line to involve professional roofers and let us assure you of the best decision ever. From proper tools of the trade to safety gear and profound knowledge, we are equipped with everything necessary to nail the job at the lowest roof renovation cost.

Reach out to us, irrespective of roof types, be it pitched ones, slate roofing, flat ones or garage roofs and watch our experts at work. We are fully registered and insured with years of experience, offering a guarantee on RC roofing and renovations. To us, no job is big or small so we put our best foot forward every time. You can also contact us for roof maintenance advice and save on hefty roof remodelling costs by choosing us over others in Ireland.

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