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Service Details

Design and Build service

There are countless loopholes to working with a designer and a contractor individually for a residential remodelling project. The primary issue being, acting as a middleman between the two specialists only to end up frustrated by the process. This is why at The Renovation Centre, we have construction managers, engineers and architects working under the same roof.

Let us walk you through the steps of our service.

Step 1: Project discussion-It begins with an in-home consultation, whereby our team shall visit you to check out the area in your home that needs remodelling. We will start with a home plan after fixing project goals and comprehending the design project concept. In close collaboration with you, we will provide a rough estimate of the cost to update your living spaces into a modern house interior.

Step 2: Prepare a Design-Build Agreement-We will develop an agreement stating the details of the proposed project and its estimated cost. On approval, you will sign the document and we shall proceed.

Step 3: Prepare a house design plan-Upon acceptance of the agreement, we start collating necessary information, working on the project specifications, selecting materials, creating bungalow designs and finalise the concept drawings.

Step 4: Renovate or construct-Execute the small house plans accordingly and provide you with weekly project updates by walking you through the meetings.

Step 5: Post-renovation work– We shall provide you with an overview of your project deliverables and request genuine feedback or a written testimonial.

Now, the question is why update your home interior through the design-build delivery method? The following reasons shall satisfy your curiosity.

1. The owner and the design-build team work together in harmony and when a crisis arises, everyone collaborates to resolve it.

2. The design-builder takes responsibility for the entire process. Hence, much of the importance is levied on pricing and scheduling.

3. You get to work with experts who have profound knowledge in both designing and construction. This is a huge advantage from the perspective of customer satisfaction.

4. The communication is free-flowing with designers and builders working hand-in-hand to ensure the success of the project.

5. This method of home interior remodelling is time-saving because a single entity shoulders the responsibility of managing the renovation project from design to completion. Therefore, project challenges are catered on time for the sheer progress.

6. Creating and executing a house design plan to update the living spaces is also cost-effective. That’s because it follows streamlined management with a unified team playing the role of both a designer and a builder. The outcome is minimal rework and easy accessibility of field data from the primary contractor.

Convinced of effective the design and build service is? Avail of it now from The Renovation Centre, renowned as the experts in Ireland!